What is Psychotherapy?

The aim of counselling and psychotherapy is to help sort out the details of your life and empower you to make choices that are best for you.  We aim to help you to explore and manage whatever is happening in your life.  Maybe you have some worries or concerns that you need to think through, or possibly some difficult decisions to make.  We can help you through difficult situations and provide you with an opportunity to move towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life.

 If therapy is about having a particular type of conversation; then psychotherapy is a form of counselling or therapy that involves talking with a trained mental health professional.  This type of conversation helps the person to increase their sense of well-being.  Being in the presence of someone who accepts you without judgement begins to make you aware of how un-accepting you are of yourself and of others.  Psychotherapy is used to help people solve problems, achieve goals, and better manage their lives and can be carried out one-on-one, in groups or with couples or families.  Psychotherapy employs a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behaviour change that can help with a wide range of emotional and behavioural concerns including problems with family, friends or partners, and issues such as depression, anxiety or phobias.

What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Somatic Psychotherapy differs from “normal” psychotherapy in the way that incorporates body and mind.  The sessions may or may not involve touch (this is entirely in your control and the therapist will always check with you, the client, before any intervention), and they help you re-connect with your body.

Most of us in this hectic world live in a life of concepts and thoughts and lose touch with what we are feeling and what our bodies are doing.  Quite often when we ignore the subtle cues that our bodies are giving us we can find ourselves getting stressed, feeling out of sorts, or even worse, are getting sick, suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders or phobias.  Somatic Psychotherapy helps to re-connect with our bodies and these cues and use them to help explore and change the underlying issues that are stopping us from having a fulfilling life.

In Somatic Psychotherapy you, the client, sets the pace and the therapist is always there to help and support you in whatever you may be experiencing.  Somatic Psychotherapy helps to restore a balance between the mind and the body and helps you to find a way to a more satisfying life.

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