There are many definitions for what coaching is all about. If you ask our practitioners, Coaching, like counselling and psychotherapy, is all about the relationship between you, the client, and your Coach. The main difference is that Coaching is about ways of achieving goals and performance in the present  rather than resolving issues from the past.

Your Coach may use a wide variety of behavioural techniques and methods to assist you to achieve a mutually identified set of goals, to help you improve your personal satisfaction and professional performance within a formally defined coaching agreement.

Coaching does not include providing advice but focuses on developing internal strengths and abilities and making sought after changes. The Coach does not need to have direct experience of your formal occupational role, but they will have a sufficient understanding and will be quick to learn the language. A Coach will help you learn how to perform better.

Coaching sessions are generally more structured in nature than counselling or psychotherapy sessions, but appointments can similarly be scheduled on a regular basis. Together we will set the agenda and agree on the focus of each session, this will help you move towards achieving your goals.

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