Psychotherapy helps you understand your feelings and behaviours and teaches healthy coping skills to respond to challenging situations.


Primarily looks at creating direction. Building on the insight and clarity you have gained, we begin to work on a plan.


In a supportive & encouraging way, we build on your motivation & integrate the changes you have made into your life as a whole.

Welcome to Shire Total Healthcare


As human beings we all strive to live long, happy lives, but unfortunately this does not come easy.  Sometimes things seem to get into our way of obtaining our goal, our Life’s Purpose.  Some of these Life’s Struggles could be: health related issues, relationship problems, stress, anxiety; trauma… the list is endless.  It takes courage and insight to make the changes needed and to manage difficult times.  Carolien can help you to transform the negative experiences in our life into more positive, fulfilling and happy ones and together we can work on you achieving the best health you possibly can

It is our intention to treat you as an individual and to provide you with the unique support that you may need for your personal issue.

We are trained, professional psychotherapists, counsellors and allied health professionals and we have been assisting people with a variety of issues, for many years.  We are ready to help you.

Our Practitioners

We have been assisting people with a variety of issues, for many years and can help you with your diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol or other health or personal issues.  We provide short term or long-term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples, and we work within the ethical guidelines of our professional associations.  This means complete confidentiality and professionalism for you at all times.